Top-ranked Motivational podcasts prevalent today

A podcast is a collection of spoken-word digital audio recordings that may be downloaded to a personal device and listened to on the go. Streaming apps and podcasting services make managing a personal consumption queue across several audio sources and playback devices seamless and straightforward. In the digital world we are in today, various podcasts platforms are included for both iPhone and Android users to be used anywhere across the globe. Some of these podcast platforms are free to access and hence suitable to fit all kinds of persons. Podcasts are a great space that content creators and motivational speakers can reach out to their audience by giving informative and inspiring information discussed on these platforms. However, they are not only limited to that and can be used for entertainment purposes. There are various motivational podcasts prevalent today that focus on motivating their audience and encouraging the listeners on life situations, giving advice and guidance on how to handle situations.

This article discusses some of the best motivational podcasts that are prevalent today.

  1. Start yours by Curbelo.

This is a great podcast that is most fit for the people willing to start a business. In this platform, new entrepreneurs get to learn various things on how to start a business, thus inclusive of all things from e-commerce to drop shopping and online business start-ups. David Vranica hosts this platform includes interviews with well-established entrepreneurs who share tips and stories on their e-commerce businesses. Moreover, they ensure to answer any questions thrown at them by the audience and share some top guiding tips on the success of e-commerce business. Furthermore, this podcast seeks to feature more relatable guests to the audience hence being more inspiring.

  1. The school of greatness

The school of greatness podcast hosted by Lewis Howes is a great podcast suitable for people seeking motivation and inspiration from the most successful people. Therefore, this podcast interviews the most successful people on the planet in different sectors. That is the business, sports entertainment science, and much more. Each episode contains tales, ideas, and advice that will encourage and inspire you to improve your life. Overcoming fear, handling relationships, love, success, business, and more are among the topics covered.

  1. The happier podcast

Gretchen Rubin hosts the happier podcast. It is a great podcast that emphasizes improving your daily habits and perceptions to help you create a well-desired life. This podcast contains helpful hints and suggestions on how to improve your life’s quality. Episodes can help you enhance your mindset, feel more joy, and remain motivated as a consequence. Productivity, friendships, creativity, and love are among the topics discussed.

  1. Nutrition matters podcast

This is an excellent podcast for healthy living and maintaining nutritional habits in our lives. It is suitable for learning how to eat well and have a healthy relationship with food. Nutrition Matters is one of the finest food-related motivating podcasts, and it has several takeaways that may be used to better your diet and relationship with food. Paige Smathers, a licensed dietitian, and nutritionist hosted the show. The show features conversations with a range of health and wellness specialists. You may also hear real-life tales from people who have overcome eating disorders, weight problems, and other food-related concerns.