Environmental Site Assessment Is the Perfect Way to Make a Smart Investment

If you’re planning to buy or refinance a property you already have, you will want to know that your money is well spent.  Among those measures you must take to ensure that this is the case is an evaluation of the property you want to purchase or refinance.  An environmental assessment is a thorough examination of the house to ensure that it is secure and that there are not any risks associated with it, such as:

  • Mold
  • Asbestos
  • Polluted soil

Environmental site assessment is usually made up of two different stages

Phase I evaluation and Phase II assessment.  Not all properties are going to need to undergo both stages.  If you choose a Phase I assessment to your house and News Delivered Globally nothing is found to indicate environmental dangers, then you will not need to move on to the second phase.  If, however, there’s a sign that certain dangers exist, a more comprehensive examination of the property will be necessary.

Phase I Assessment

A Phase I evaluation of your commercial or residential property is the very first step you will take in order to be sure that the property is secure and worth investing in.  When You Decide to go through with this, an

Environmental advisor will take a peek at the property in order to recognize any hazards which may devalue the house and ensure it is unsafe.  This usually begins with testing for mold and asbestos.  A Phase I assessment also frequently includes:

  • An overview of land records to determine prior property use
  • An examination of surrounding properties to identify ecological dangers
  • An overview of local, state, national, and tribal documents pertaining to the property
  • An examination of aerial photos to determine water drainage and runoff

Phase II Assessment

If the Phase I assessment showed any sign of threats on your property, then you will be advised to go through additional environmental assessments.  A Phase II evaluation is the next step, and it is a more rigorous examination of the property.  This type of environmental site evaluation will require testing of their house’s building materials, soil, and groundwater.  In addition, Phase II evaluation often includes:

  • Installing groundwater observation gear
  • A chemical analysis of samples obtained in the site
  • A remediation strategy designed to remove the ecological hazards at the site

As you can see, environmental assessments are important in assisting buyers and sellers understand exactly how secure a house is.  If you’re considering buying a residential or commercial property, and you desire the reassurance of such an appraisal, you should contact environmental advisors in your area as soon as possible.

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