Raglan Sleeve: Four Characteristics of Raglan Shirts

What are Raglan Sleeves?

Raglan sleeves are shirt sleeves that have diagonal seams running from the neckline down to the underarm, creating a long continuous sleeve, from the collarbone up to the hem. The more popular set-in sleeve, on the other hand, extends from the shoulder seam. Raglan sleeves are more flexible than set-in sleeves. They also have a better underarm fit, and allow for greater motion. This makes raglan sleeves popular in sports uniforms, particularly for shirts for baseball players. Raglan sleeves are also known as baseball shirts.

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Four Characteristics of Raglan Shirts

Raglan sleeves can be found in many unisex tops including T-shirts, blouses and cardigans as well as sweatshirts, sweaters, pullover sweaters and hoodies. These are the characteristics of raglan sleeves, which are common in T-shirts for baseball and blouses for formal events.

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Colorblocking: Raglan T shirts come in many colors, but they are popular for color blocking because of their long sleeves and continuous fabric. The crew neck shirt’s body is usually white with sleeves in a contrast color such as black, navy or red.

Comfortable fit around the armhole: Raglan sleeves are popular in baseball jerseys or other sportswear that allows for greater movement freedom.

Diagonal seams Raglan sleeves have long, diagonal seams at the neckline that extend under the armpits. Set-in sleeves’ seam is shorter and loops from the top of your shoulder to the underarm.

Three-quarter sleeves length: This type of sleeve can vary in length. Raglan shirts come with either short sleeves or long sleeves, but the three-quarter length is classic for raglan sleeves baseball tees.

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Six ways to style ankle boots

Ankle boots are versatile and can be dressed up or down. These are some style ideas and outfit suggestions to consider the next time you wear an ankle bootie.

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  1. You can wear jeans casually with these boots: Pair your favorite jeans with an ankle boot, whether they are black skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. If you are styling your ankle boots with straight-leg pants, add a cuff to the boot’s top.
  2. Bold boots can make a fashion statement: You can play with color and patterns by pairing a pair black jeans with bold ankle boots. For a modern look, try a chunky block heel boot in bright colors with a minidress. You can also pair wide-leg, cropped pants with pointed ankle boots with miniskirts and tights with square toe booties.
  3. Wear it with a biker jacket: For a more edgy look, pair ankle boots with jeans, a turtleneck, or long-sleeve top, and a black leather jacket.
  4. Wear it with a white T-shirt: Flat ankle boots or low-heel are great for casual and comfortable looks. For a casual look that can be worn year round, pair rounded-toe black booties with skinny jeans.
  5. Wear high-heeled boots with a dress: For a formal and comfortable look, pair black suede or leather boots with a dress. For a night out, pair stiletto heel ankle boots with a flowing maxi or midi dress. This outfit can be worn in warm weather with open-toe ankle boots.
  6. Closed-toe boots are best for the office: Wear your business casual ankle boots to work with a button-down or blazer and slacks. You can also swap out flat ankle boots for heeled booties by pairing them with a pencil skirt, trench coat, or cardigan.