How to write an essay example

An example essay is a type that focuses on one idea that the writer proves with a few specific and convincing examples. It is a basic form of an essay but can be complicated to write if you do not know the writing steps.

This is how to write an essay example.

Choose the topic

 If you have not got a topic from your tutor, you should choose a topic on a subject in which you have much interest which gives you an opportunity to write a stronger essay.  You should define the purpose of the composition such as educating, explaining or persuading to ensure that the topic is a perfect fit.  Evaluate the value of the topic in achieving your purpose whether you are writing a general overview of an issue or it is a specific analysis of a subject.

If you got a topic, find a way to narrowing down to a subtopic so that your essay is not too general. For example, if you choose or your teacher assigns a topic “essay,” think about the specific matters to write about this very general subject such as defining what it is, how to write or types.

 You can choose and brainstorm about three to five topics then narrow down to the most interesting with enough clear and convincing examples for proving your points.

Write a thesis statement

A thesis statement is one sentence that forms the basis of your argument in the paper. For example, if you wrote a topic on training a children’s team, your thesis statement could be “children are comfortable with trainers who appreciate small progress instead of pushing them too hard.”  Write down proving examples for the topic about three to five using the model called ‘SEE’ as the formula.

S-stands for statement and reiterates the point you want to prove for instance a kind trainer sees quicker results for lessons to kids than one scolds them for mistakes.

E- First E represents example which is the proof of backing up your argument in the statement.

E-Second E represents explanation and reiterates the way in which an example ties to the thesis.

 You can, for example, explain that one trainer who uses positive words during children’s training sessions produces better results that trainers who push them too hard.

Write the paragraphs


 The introductory paragraph should be background information on the topic and draw the reader into the piece. The opening should be exciting to give the readers a reason for reading up to the end.  You can write it last so that it captures all the information in your work.

Body Paragraphs

You should free write to put everything in your mind down then arrange them appropriately later but ensure that your words are brief.  Restrict each idea to its paragraph.  Use specific information instead of generalizations and avoid personal pronouns. Stating your argument and supporting them with facts gives you writing more authority.


 An essay example should have a concluding paragraph at the end which summarizes the points and suggests ways in which readers can think about the conclusion in a broader sense. It should draw arguments to a natural and logical conclusion that repackages the thesis statement to help readers in remembering the journey through your composition.

 The above steps will help you to write a great piece.  It is always important to think about “how to write an essay example” before you begin adding ideas to paper.