How Stott Pilates may benefit you

Stott Pilates is a contemporary version of Pilates, an exercise regimen that focuses on improving the body’s posture by making the muscles longer and leaner and improving mind-body control and coordination. This type of Pilates was developed by Moira and Lindsay Merrithew during the 1980s, and its aim is to bring back the natural curvature of the spine and improve the balance between the muscles around the joints.

While Stott Pilates follows all the principles of traditional Pilates, it also has some specific effects that you may not be able to achieve from other Pilates variants. If you are thinking about enrolling in a Stott Pilates class, then here are some of the perks that you are most likely to enjoy:

  1. Focus on postural improvement

If you are looking for a Pilates program that will help you improve your posture, then Stott Pilates is the best choice. This is mainly because in the Stott method, you are trained to work on the muscle groups that have to do with your posture, such as the spine and the pelvic muscles.

Through this type of Pilates, you are able not just to improve your posture, but determine which muscle groups have to be focused on so that you are able to achieve a more natural posture.

  1. Decreased joint stress

One common side effect when performing physical exercises regularly is that stress is placed heavily on the joints. Hard impact on the joints may lead to injury and intermittent pain; at the same time these joints are exposed to risk of arthritis when the person does not follow a proper diet.

While Stott Pilates cannot help reduce the risk of attaining arthritis, it can keep the joints at the pink of health by not exposing them to hard impact routines. The routines performed in Stott Pilates not only aimed at improving posture, but also seek to put the joints at minimum risk to pain and injury.

  1. Better performance at certain sports

There are sports activities that are performed best when you have the right posture, and these include golf, skiing, and hockey. This is because these sports activities make use of the upper torso more than the lower torso, and by having proper posture, the more capable you become in doing the necessary actions in these activities.

Back pain and posture issues are commonly experience by people doing these sports activities, thus Stott Pilates is a good follow-up exercise to make sure that the posture and alignment are maintained while playing the said sports.

  1. Good for rehabilitation

Compared to traditional Pilates, Stott Pilates offers a slower impact on the muscles and joints, thus it is a good variant for people undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation. This is because Stott Pilates was designed to address muscle injuries acquired from years of dancing, thus the same goal is applied on persons recuperating from their respective physical injuries or conditions.

This type of Pilates is likewise recommended as an aftercare exercise for people who have recently recovered from spinal surgery, as muscle realignment is necessary to bring back one’s natural posture.

Since it also strengthens the muscles in the spine, core, and pelvis, Stott Pilates is viewed to be a preventive measure in acquiring injury. Persons who have recuperated from spinal injury may enjoy better spine health through this type of Pilates, and in time they are expected to be more capable of withstanding risks to injury due to their stronger muscle physique in these regions.