Characteristics of a 5 Star Hotel

If you are an avid traveler, you can definitely recognize a luxurious hotel from far away. The same cannot be said about people who do not travel often. While many hotels across the world claim to be luxurious, the standards that modulate hotel classification are different.

Technology has evolved fast and more people today conduct their travel research through social media platforms and the internet. While this has brought about a positive impact on the hotel industry, it has dimmed the legitimacy of hotel ratings.

Many times, some popular online travel websites provide hotel ratings as submitted by users and utilize a star rating system. These are usually written by ordinary individuals as opposed to professionals in the industry.

A 5-star hotel online rating involves customer’s views as opposed to grades provided to them by renowned organizations. Even then, guests can easily recognize five-star hotels by checking the following characteristics.

·         The Facility

An entry into a five-star hotel should be a breathtaking experience. First, the decorative furniture displayed in the hotel’s lobby, fragrant flowers, and beautiful and good quality artwork will be both picturesque and profound.

5-star hotels also come with brilliant and top-rated spas complete with professional and experienced therapists, gourmet restaurants, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, and a modem gym.

Guest rooms are the ultimate definition of excellence and come with good quality beddings and beds, high adherence to hygiene, and a welcoming lounge area complete with advanced technology consisting of audio and video gadgets.

·         Service

Apart from the artistic dominance of 5-star hotels in Jakarta, they offer flawless and exceptional service. The staffs are polite, qualified, well trained, and dispense their duties with absolute professionalism and clarity.

They are keen to address guests by their names accordingly and are always ready to offer the necessary assistance. You will always be escorted to your 5-star room albeit for visitors who decline this service.

·        Amenities

5-star hotel amenities often consist of round the clock room service, at least two complimentary newspapers which are usually presented as a welcome gift once visitors check in. Further, guests will receive up to two different types of superior quality snacks that are usually offered during lounge and bar service.

Mixed drinks will be presented with either full club or restricted club service. Staffs in the 5-star hotels deliver services with absolute professionalism, always careful to present well folded and neat documents in envelopes or folders. Visitors also receive valet parking and concierge services.

·        Luxury Vs 5 Star

While 4 star and 5-star hotels can be regarded as luxurious, they are quite different when it comes to service. 5-star hotels will provide round the clock services such as room and butler services while 4-star hotels will charge visitors for those services.


Visitors can recognize authentic 5-star hotels by checking for the rating which they usually display on the homepages of their websites. 5-star hotel ratings are based on the hotel’s service, physical facilities, price, and ambiance. Be sure to research extensively and find out how the hotel earned its rating. Reader submitted ratings cannot be compared to those given by authentic organizations.