7 Air Conditioning Sounds You Might Be Hearing: Here’s What The AC Is Trying To Tell You

Every so often the AC unit starts to make odd sounds. Many people tend to ignore these sounds because they go away on their own. However, often times the sounds resurface and calling the air conditioning repair Sterling VA service providers becomes a priority. Sadly, when the sounds are ignored for too long, the air conditioner is too damaged for simple repairs.

To avoid damaging the air conditioner further, here are 7 AC sounds, what they mean, and when to call in the experts for repairs:

#1 – Loud Banging

The most common reason behind the banging sound from the air condition is due to broken or loose parts such as the connecting rod, crankshaft, or even the internal compressor. The local AC repair experts can easily replace the parts responsible for the noise before it causes more damage.

#2 – Constant Clanking

The clanking sound is most likely due to some internal parts of the AC unit coming loose or is out-of-balance. Usually, the root of the noise is a loose compressor that needs immediate replacing. Other causes can be due to an imbalance with the unit’s blades. If these problems are left unattended for too long, it can result in more expensive damages.

#3 – Busy Buzzing

The buzzing of the air conditioner can be caused by a number of issues. Common reasons for the sound are debris stuck inside the unit, loose fan blades, dirty air filters, an out of balance blower, and so much more.

The moment you hear buzzing coming from the unit, call the local air conditioning repair Sterling VA based experts. They will properly diagnose the issues and perform the required repairs.

#4 – High-Pitched Hissing

The hissing sounds are commonly heard outside of the unit when it is first turned on. The hissing will last anywhere between 10-15 seconds until it stops, this is usually due to the pressure build-up inside the compressor. If the cause of the hissing isn’t repaired right away, the entire unit can become damaged beyond repair.

#5 – Grueling Gurgling

This is a noise that can be difficult to trace if you don’t have any experience with AC repairs. The most likely reason behind the annoying sound is a refrigerant leak, which can easily be remedied by a professional.

#6 – Ear-splitting Squealing

When the AC or the heater is on and the unit produces a squealing sound that comes and goes every few minutes, the fan belt is the problem. The belt might be worn out or misaligned and can be addressed by a repairman in just a few minutes.

#7 – Continuous Clicking

A click during start-up and shutdown is expected, but when the clicking is continuous there is a problem with the unit. The cause might be due to a broken thermostat or a defective control system, whichever the cause it needs to be looked into right away to avoid serious damages.

Pay attention to these AC sounds and do not delay any repairs. It is best to detect these issues early to prevent more expensive damages and prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner.
Having a broken AC is no fun during the hottest months of the year. At Air-Tech Systems, we make sure your AC is on its best condition through our air conditioning repair Sterling VA. Contact us today!